37% of Those Surveyed in the Fox News Poll Have 'Never Heard Of' Elizabeth Warren

Just something to keep in mind when you see Drudge linking to absolutely absurd articles about Elizabeth Warren leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire in 2016. She's not leading Hillary Clinton anywhere. Furthermore, she's not even close. In Iowa, the closest she's been (in 6 polls) is  31 points behind Clinton. And in NH, the latest Bloomberg/Saint Anselm poll has her 41 points behind.

Now a new poll out tonight shows nearly 4-in-10 voters have 'never heard of'  Democrat Elizabeth Warren

In the Fox News Poll...
Question 31 asks voters to assign a letter grade to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren

*31.-43. Now I’m going to read you a list of names. For each one, please assign a letter grade from A to F indicating how well you think they would do as president. If you have never heard of a person, please just say so.