WSJ/NBC Poll: Romney Leads Bush


Since Mitt Romney began making conspicuous overtures indicating plans to wage a third campaign to occupy the White House, his favorability numbers have trumped fellow Republican establishment idol Jeb Bush.

The results of a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll of 800 adults conducted last week showed that 52 percent of all Republicans view Romney in a positive light, compared with 37 percent who feel the same way about Bush, the former Florida governor whose father and brother were both U.S. presidents.

In mid-December, Bush announced that he was considering running for president in 2016 and on Jan. 1, The NY Times reported that Bush had resigned from all the corporate and nonprofit board positions he held, a clear indication of his plans to forge ahead. The early GOP field looks crowded, with a bevy of other likely candidates, including Gov. Chris Christie, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee,  Rand Paul  and Ted Cruz,