Wearing A Hoodie In Public Could Soon Be Against The Law In Oklahoma (Video)

An amendment to a law in Oklahoma could make it illegal to hide your identity in public and fine would be a hefty $500.

Fox News
Wearing a hoodie or any other garment that conceals your identity could soon be a crime in Oklahoma, if one lawmaker gets his way.

Oklahoma state Sen. Don Barrington, a Republican, is proposing a law to prevent people from wearing clothing or masks in public to hide their identity. But the so-called “hoodie law” is sparking a backlash from those who say the proposal goes too far.

The bill would broaden existing law that already prohibits concealing one’s identity when committing a crime. Barrington says the proposed change is a public-safety issue to protect Americans from crime and harassment.

Some school systems across the country recently have moved to ban hoodies for students, over concerns that they could be used to hide food and other issues.

However, critics think the statewide Oklahoma measure infringes upon personal freedoms. The fine for violations would run up to $500.

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