Poll: Only 33% Of Americans Approve Of How Obama Is Handling Fight Against ISIS

Majority of people in this survey say President Obama is not prepared to do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS. We really didn't need a poll to tell us that though..

Fox News:
A decisive 64-percent majority of voters thinks the threat from Islamic extremists is increasing and another 29 percent says it is holding steady.  Just 4 percent say the threat is decreasing.   
Republicans overwhelmingly think the threat is increasing (79 percent).  Democrats split between saying it is increasing (45 percent) and staying the same (45 percent).
At the same time, a 55-38 percent majority says Obama is not prepared to do “whatever it takes to defeat Islamic extremists.”  That’s mostly unchanged since September, when the margin was 54-39 percent.  
Among the issues where ratings of Obama’s performance were tested, he receives some of his lowest job ratings on the response to ISIS.  Currently 33 percent of voters approve of the job he’s doing, while 56 percent disapprove.  More than one in four Democrats (29 percent) joins in the disapproval.

h/t weaselzippers