Obamas Dine at Restaurant With $500K Membership Fee

Don't worry, when they get back to D.C. they'll be criticizing  the evil 1%,  Barack will be talking about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.  Michelle will put on her J. Crew and invite some AP photographer to gets some pics of her going through the line at Target. How long have we been watching this movie?

Change the name for one second. Romney is president and he and wife Ann go to this exclusive club where the membership is a cool 1/2 Mil.  Everybody knows what the reaction would be. The media would be outraged and they would portray him as a rich out of touch white guy who can't connect with the average American. It would be a scandal, but with the Obamas, it's a big yawner.

thehill reported

President Obama and Michelle Obama started 2015 with a dinner at a super exclusive restaurant, where memberships cost as much as $500,00

While vacationing in Hawaii on Thursday, the president and first lady shared a meal at a Honolulu members-only restaurant called Vintage Cave, according to White House press pool reports.
The deluxe eatery’s website says guests dining in the “cave-like environment” are encouraged to “relax, ‘hit reset’ and escape the ordinary.” A “special” membership at Vintage Cave runs $50,000 while a “charter” membership costs $500,000.

The restaurant, which opened two years ago, reportedly boasts a billion dollars worth of art and has wine stored in an ancient Greek amphorae. A tasting menu featured in 2013 before the posh place became members-only included dishes such as vanilla bean macaroon caviar, porridge with king crab and black truffle, and foie gras with banana and macadamia nut.