Krauthammer: Ted Cruz Very Articulate, But Hasn't Yet Accomplished Very Much (Video)

I can already see the headline. 'Krauthammer trashes Ted Cruz.' But Charles is simply making the point (that every single one of us made in 2008) that Ted Cruz is a new senator, a first-termer, that he might do better next cycle after some time and experience in the U.S. Senate. Charles does call him a great articulator of conservatism but says he has time to run.

O'Reilly asks Charles about his recent bet-- putting the most money on Marco Rubio. Krauthammer clarifies that he's simply putting some money on a long shot. That was the reason for his $40 bucks on Rubio when asked by Stephen Hayes on Special Report

Charles says Marco Rubio has  5 1/2-to-1 odds, Jeb Bush has 2-to-1 odds.