'You're Going To See A New Kind of Hell To Pay If They Catch It': Donald Trump Says it's 'Morally Unfair' for Obama to Send Soldiers into Ebola Hot Zone

The U.S. shouldn't send its armies to Western Africa unless China and Russia put their own troops at risk Trump says.

Exposing them to Ebola is 'morally unfair to the soldiers, and to the soldiers' families'

Real estate tycoon Donald Trump blasted President Barack Obama on Tuesday for his handling of the Ebola crisis overseas, telling MailOnline that putting servicemen and women in close proximity to the deadly virus is 'morally unfair to the soldiers, and to the soldiers' families.'

The perennial Republican maybe-candidate said in an interview that exposure to Ebola is inevitable for the hundreds of U.S. military personnel serving in Liberia.

And it may be only a matter of time, he predicted, before men and women in uniform contract the disease – which kills between 50 and 70 per cent of its victims.

'You're going to see a whole new kind of "hell to pay" if they catch it,' Trump said. But with a shrug in his voice, he said moral outrage that used to bother the president now seems to roll off his back.

'He has been hit from so many angles, for so many mistakes that he's made,' Trump explained. 'Obama has become immune to "hell to pay".' Already a group of about 40 soldiers and army officers – including a major general – are languishing in quarantine on an Italian military base.

'What's not being said,' Trump told MailOnline in a discussion about the situation on the ground, 'is they have to make sure they don't come back into this country if they have it. If our soldiers catch it, that would be absolutely – terrible. Just a disgrace.'