Video- Bus driver Lays The Smackdown on Purse-Snatching Thief

ATLANTA- (CNN) – Call it instant karma. A bus driver beat a purse snatcher with a bat, and it was all caught on camera.

This is the story of a Chilean bus driver who ended up at bat in his bus. He came to a stop and opened the door for passengers as a man tries to grab the front row passenger’s purse. The man acts like he was joking but tries to grab it again. The driver slams the door trapping his hand.

The bus driver whacked him with a bat over and over as the thief tried to talk his way out of the beating by saying he was just playing a joke on his aunt Maria. At one point the driver told the thief, “I’m badder than you.” And by the 8th whack, the thief was crying.

The driver drove the bus to police and dropped the man off into the hands of the law.

The 22-year old would be purse snatcher was arrested.