Obama To Mobilize Base in Ward He Carried By 99%

O visiting Milwaukee, Wisconsin today-
The area he's visiting he carried 843-5 over Mitt Romney in 2012.

When President Barack Obama arrives in Milwaukee on Tuesday, his task will be to help mobilize African-Americans and other key Democratic voting groups who still give him positive ratings despite his lackluster standing nationwide.

The president will be visiting North Division High School in an overwhelmingly African-American ward that he carried with 99% of the vote in 2012, outpolling Republican Mitt Romney 843 to 5.

Anything Obama can do to boost turnout in the city of Milwaukee and among-African Americans puts more votes in Democrat Mary Burke’s column in her neck-and-neck battle with GOP Gov. Scott Walker.

A closer look at Obama’s polling numbers in Wisconsin shows:
An eight-point decline in approval from his election-year peak. The president has lost significant support since the 2012 campaign, based on Marquette Law School’s frequent polling in the state. His approval rating in Wisconsin peaked in September of 2012 at 54% of registered voters, fell to the high 40s post-election, hit a low of 43% in two polls last month, and bounced back slightly to 46% in Marquette’s last poll Oct. 9-12.