New Wendy Davis Radio Ad Claims Republican Opponent Greg Abbott Doesn't Want Blacks To Vote

Mind-boggling. First- make an attack ad using Greg Abbott's wheelchair in the video. Follow it up with a radio ad saying Greg Abbott doesn't want blacks to vote. Once again, this is the Democrat party using their playbook when they're way behind late in the 4th Quarter.

I hope she gets defeated by 20 points on election night Tuesday.

First Wendy Davis claimed her wheelchair-bound opponent Greg Abbott doesn't like the disabled. Then she claimed that Abbott, whose wife is Mexican-American, would support a state ban on interracial marriage.

Now she’s claiming he doesn’t want African-Americans to vote.

In a new radio ad paid for by the Davis campaign, a man calls Abbott “bad news” and accuses the Republican attorney general of trying to “overturn the Voting Rights Act.”

“Take a guess about who Abbott doesn’t want to vote,” the man adds.

Ooh, ooh, I know! It’s anyone that’s not a white man, right?

Abbott challenged one part of the 1965 law — the part that deemed Texas a racist state and gave the federal government the power to preemptively review and strike down any change to the state’s redistricting maps and election laws.

Here's the ad-