Australia Bans Travel from Ebola Hot Zone

The Government of Australia will refuse entry to those individuals from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone

So if you use Obama/CDC logic, Australia is more likely now to have an Ebola outbreak, because they have banned travel from West Africa

CNN reported:
In the fight against Ebola, Australia has said: No thanks.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced "strong controls" on arrivals from West African countries affected by cases of the deadly disease.

Telling Australia's parliament during a question time session Monday that his ministry was currently "not processing any application from these (Ebola) affected countries," he said that the government was also suspending its humanitarian program.

He added that holders of permanent Australian visas based in these countries would be subject to a mandatory, three-week quarantine process prior to their departure. Visitors approved to travel to Australia will also face further screening and followup checks upon arrival.

The announcement came as a "surprise," the Australian Medical Association (AMA) president Brian Owler told CNN, who said that the chance of the disease entering the country through a migrant from the region was very low.

PM Tony Abbott says his #1 priority is protecting Australians, plain and simple
He gets it.