Tom Brokaw: We Got Started 'Way Too Late' on Striking Back at ISIS, The Time To Hit Them Was When They Were on the Move

Like over 3 months ago, when they rolled through Mosul back in June, driving American Humvees

Former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw on Tuesday dismissed Barack Obama's air strikes in Syria as too late and not effective. Talking to Ronan Farrow on MSNBC, he chided, "We've known about ISIS moving out of Syria, moving into Iraq for some time and the time to hit them was when they were on the move before they got themselves positioned in Iraq and had taken over cities and created an infrastructure, if you will, for their military."

The veteran journalist cautioned, "There ought not to be any illusion that this is going to be over in a hurry, just because we're striking them in Syria today."