Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Arrested for DUI

This is the second time. Phelps was arrested back in 2004 for DUI

Phelps was pulled over last night for going 84 in a 45 zone

ABC News
Olympic legend Michael Phelps was arrested early this morning for suspicion of Driving Under the Influence in Maryland, authorities said.

The gold medalist was pulled over in his white Land Rover by police at 1:40 a.m. because his blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit, police confirmed ABC News.

Phelps, 29, was originally pulled over for speeding. He was going 84 mph in a 45 mph zone and was also seen crossing double lane lines, police said.

The officers realized he was intoxicated and gave him a field sobriety test, authorities said.

"Mr. Phelps was identified as the driver by his driver’s license and appeared to be under the influence. He was unable to perform satisfactorily a series of standard field sobriety tests," a spokesperson for Maryland Transportation Authority told ABC.

Phelps has been charged with speeding, DUI and crossing double lane lines, police said.