Ohio: Outrage After Police Officer Caught on Camera Sleeping in His Patrol Car While Holding Book


Book propped up on steering wheel, officer sleeping on the job.

Photo taken by citizen who walked up on the cruiser

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — The Fox 8 I-Team has learned that a Cleveland Heights police officer, who was caught on camera while snoozing on the job, is now the focus of an internal investigation.

It was a concerned citizen who snapped the photo of the napping patrolman, apparently asleep in his patrol car with a textbook propped up on his steering wheel, while sitting in a parking lot on Wednesday.

When the photo of the drowsy cop was posted on social media and then shared with his superiors at Cleveland Heights Police Headquarters, they were not amused.

Chief Jeff Robertson told the I-Team, “Oh, I was upset. You know we strive to let the citizens know what we’re doing out here. We have a lot of hardworking men and women on this police department, and when you see something like this, it puts a stain on us, and it upsets me.”

In Cleveland Heights’ Coventry neighborhood, some citizens are willing to give the sleepy officer a break, but others wonder why he couldn’t find something more important to do.

Local Fox talks to the Police Chief here, who is not happy: "You’re not paid to go to sleep; you’re paid to be here and patrol the city. And do what you’re hired to do, and that’s to serve the citizens. No, it’s completely unacceptable”