NBC Nightly Report- Heroin Highway: Take a Guess Where The Heroin, That Is Flooding The Streets of America Comes From?

You guessed it. (Screen grab- Heroin Highway)

A great report from NBC's Mark Potter on the Heroin epidemic that is gripping America. Potter visits the Border Patrol, who are on the front lines of this battle in Nogales, Arizona. Agents say that almost all the heroin now being sold and used in the United States comes through Mexico, usually hidden in vehicles or carried in backpacks by people crossing into the U.S. across ranchlands on the Southern border. The heroin is made by drug cartels inside Mexico, often in remote mountain areas, they process the drug there and then transport it into the United States.

Potter talks to some addicts and they say most of the people using heroin started out using prescription drugs and moved to heroin when the prescriptions became too expensive or when it was no longer unavailable.

The former DEA agent interview in the report says he's never seen the amount of heroin that's on the streets of America today, ever.

Watch- It looks like it's only getting worse