ET Anchor to Bill Clinton: ‘Will It Feel Cool To Be in White House Again?

The Clintons thrive on the press begging Hillary to run in 2016

Entertainment Tonight co-anchor Nancy O’Dell’s September 22 coverage of the 10th annual Clinton Global Initiative didn’t quite sound like that, but it was close. For her report, O’Dell interviewed “the biggest star of them all,” former President Bill Clinton, to continuously ask him about Hillary running in 2016. “If Hillary were to win the White House, will it feel cool to be in the White House again?” she asked at one point.

To introduce her segment, O’Dell wondered, “Will Hillary run for president? And is President Clinton ready to be the first husband?”

She turned to Bill Clinton for the answers: “What are you going to do now if she runs for the White House, and you lose her to the White House?”