Cheney: 'I Do Believe There Will Be Another Mass Casualty Attack Against the United States, and Next Time They Will Have Deadlier Weapons Than Airline Tickets and Box Cutters'

Asked by Hannity how could Obama have been so wrong on so many issues when it comes to ISIS, the former vice president said, "I think it's deliberate. I think Obama has a world view, and increasingly what he's found is that it isn't consistent with reality."

Cheney hit Obama for his hesitation to heed certain military advisors in his response to ISIS, "Obama clearly lacks the experience, and also I think the respect, for our senior commanders," Cheney said.

Cheney amplified the threat of ISIS, suggesting that ISIS could be the terrorist group that carries out an attack worse than 9/11 in response to Hannity's questioning on previous remarks he made. "I do believe there will be another mass casualty attack against the United States." Cheney went on to say that he thought defeating ISIS will require "boots on the ground," despite Obama's insistence that is not an option.