California: Woman Evades Home Intruder By Hiding on Roof (Video)


VENICE, CA (KCAL) – A woman trying to escape a home intruder was forced to climb out of a second-story window and hide under a ledge on a roof.

Melora Rivera was in bed when the break-in happened. All she was wearing was a flannel shirt when she managed to grab her phone and call 911 as Hicks apparently followed her onto the roof as officers surrounded the house.

"My biggest fear was that he was going to be forced by the cops to come hiding in the place where I was hiding," Rivera said.

Alexandra Thompson took pictures of what happened and posted them to her Twitter account, Venice 311.

Police records say officers got to Rivera in less than two minutes after they were dispatched. The fire department helped her down before officers got the man, identified only as Hicks, to surrender.

On social media, neighbors recognize Hicks as a well-known homeless person. "I saw this guy this morning in handcuffs. I've seen him in my yard, I've called the police," Thompson said.

In fact, neighbors called police on him around 7 a.m. Thursday morning for wandering into a yard. Officers detained him but had to let him go because the caller refused to identify him after officers got there.

Watch- The home intruder followed her onto the roof as police officers surrounded the house