WSJ Columnist: "You Have To Wonder if There's a 'Scandal Manual' in The Top Drawer of the President's Desk"

Wall Street Journal's Kimberley Strassel on Fox News

STRASSEL: "You have to wonder if there's a 'scandal manual' in the top drawer of the president's desk. It isn't just the 'I heard about it from the media' -- there's like five steps that this administration keeps repeating every time a scandal comes up.

Step one is, 'Well, I didn't know about it.' Step two is to express great outrage. When that doesn't work, step three is to fire some low level bureaucrat that no one's ever heard of. The study comes next -- we are going to wait and see what the IG says, or the FBI investigation or whatever it is. And then when that doesn't stop, six months later, you say, it's either A) done or B) all the result of a partisan push by Republicans. And it just goes on and on. It's not just the clips of him repeating again and again 'I didn't know about this.' When you listen to some of these press conferences, they're eerie. It's the exact same language every time"