Retaliation: VA Doc Says She Was Punished For Speaking Out

Flashback 2013

Dr. Michelle Washington said that in 2011, the Wilmington, Delaware veterans hospital was overwhelmed by the number of troops returning from war with PTSD.

"There was a massive delay in the treatment," she said. "Often what happens is they start medicating with drugs or alcohol, and they don't come back. And they end up getting lost in the system and lost out there in the world without the help."

At the VA hospital where she works, Washington said her concerns were ignored by supervisors. So she accepted an invitation to appear before the Senate Veterans Affairs committee. But after she requested time off to testify, she received the first and only unsatisfactory performance rating of her five-year career at the VA

Dr. Washington was also stripped of her core duties screening new patients for PTSD and brain injury.

The story appeared on the CBS Evening News in 2013. I'm guessing that 'madder than hell' Obama, who finds out what's going on in the world from new reports wasn't watching CBS that evening

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