Las Vegas, Cincinnati Out of Running for Republican Convention in 2016

Only 4 cities remaining- Dallas, Cleveland, Denver and Kansas City

There will be no Viva Las Vegas for Republicans in 2016.

Las Vegas, once considered a front-runner to host the 2016 Republican National Convention, withdrew from consideration, as did Cincinnati.

That leaves Dallas, Cleveland, Denver and Kansas City in the mix. The Republican National Committee announced Thursday that the four remaining cities will receive an official site visit for further inspection.

“All cities excelled in nearly every aspect of their bids and presentation this year, but these four cities stood out from the field from the start of this process and deserve a deeper look by the full committee,” said Enid Mickelsen, head of the RNC’s site selection committee.

The venues in Las Vegas and Cincinnati prompted those cities to withdraw from convention-hosting duties — a logistical challenge that pumped an estimated $214 million directly into the Tampa economy in 2012.

One would think that holding the Republican Convention is a certain state would help put that state in the win column on election day. But if you look at the last few years, it really doesn't matter where the convention is. The 2012 convention was in Tampa, Romney still lost Florida to Obama. The 2008 convention was in St. Paul, McCain lost MN to Obama by double-digits. 2004 in NYC? Enough said. The 2000 Republican Convention was held in Philly, Bush still lost PA to Al Gore by 4 points. So the location of the convention matters little when it comes time to vote.