Bill Kristol and The Atlantic's Peter Beinart Get Into Heated Exchange Over Obama's Decision to Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan (VIDEO)

"That's pathetic!"

Bill Kristol blasted President Obama’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan on CNN’s “Crossfire” during a heated exchange with The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart.

"To announce ahead of time you’re going to zero troops except for the troops guarding the embassy at the end of 2016 is beyond irresponsible. It’s totally crazy. You’re telling them we’re getting out.” Kristol says.

“We have sacrified blood and treasure in that country, President Obama sent tens of thousands of troops there and now he is making their sacrifice in vain. I find it sickening”

Beinart says Obama’s greatest failure as president was deploying more troops to Afghanistan

Bill Kristol then says to Beinart: "That's pathetic."

He gets heated at both Beinart and Van Jones here. Kristol appears to have zero patience with libs during this segment on Crossfire. Watch