Angry Montel Williams on VA Scandal: 'The President (At West Point) Could Have Used The Day to Say 'I'm Sorry For the Pain I've Caused You and the Families And I'm Gonna Fix It TODAY!''

President should have apologized- Montel Williams goes off on Fox News' Cavuto

Montel Williams, a former lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, is angry about the scandal over veteran deaths as a result of secret waiting lists. Moreover, he was bothered by how President Obama was at West Point, yet didn't take a moment to apologize for how his administration has dropped ball on veterans' health.

Williams told Neil Cavuto that giving Secretary Shinseki the boot won't really fix much. He said soldiers left the battlefield abroad only to come back to another battlefield at home, saying he is angry as hell because "our guys went over, they've left body parts, some of them never made it back, some of them are here now but their souls are still there, and we have the audacity to turn our back on them right this second."