89-Year-Old World War II Veteran: VA Slashed My Benefits to $6 Per Month (VIDEO)

Family accuses federal government of short-changing a man who served his country with honor. The VA told him in a letter, we overpaid you last year, so we have to slash your benefits to just $6 a month to recoup the overpayment. The veteran, a D-Day survivor of WWII is now selling his coin collection to make up the shortfall.

WATERVLIET – On this Memorial Day weekend, World War II veteran Joseph Teson is thinking about his fallen comrades – and his personal finances.

Teson, a D-Day survivor, told NewsChannel 13 the federal government has reduced his veterans benefits to just $6 per month in order to recoup an overpayment.

Teson said he used to receive about $300.00 per month in veterans benefits, about a third of which he donated to a number of veterans groups.

Then, in 2013, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) notified Teson by mail that his "entitlement to compensation and pension benefits had changed," resulting in an overpayment to him of $3,090. "Since you are currently receiving VA benefits, we plan to withhold those benefits until the amount you were overpaid is recouped," the VA said in a letter dated June 9, 2013.

Teson’s daughter, Tami, called the toll-free number listed on the letter. She said no one was able to explain how -- or for how long -- the overpayment occurred. And she said her father never noticed it.

Teson said the VA eventually reduced his monthly benefits to $6. He showed NewsChannel 13 several 2014 bank statements showing the single-digit deposits.