South Carolina Republican Primary: Lindsey Graham 45%, Republican Challengers in Single-Digits

The only way I can see Lindsey Graham losing in a SC Republican primary is if you run Trey Gowdy against him.  He's not going anywhere. These other challengers are pulling in single digits according to a new Winthrop Poll

Lindsey Graham also getting 1/3 of those who support the tea party. He's not in any trouble in SC. Yes he's under 50% but 35% of voters are still undecided.

I guess one thing to remember about Republican primary elections is that there is a big difference when trying to knock-off an incumbent (at least this time around). In SC and in KY, challengers are getting trounced. Matt Bevin, after a year on the scene is getting less than 20% against McConnell. In SC, the tea party candidate is pulling 8%.

When Ted Cruz and Rand Paul won Republican primary elections, it was for open seats, not against incumbents. Rand Paul defeated Trey Grayson in KY for the open seat left by the retiring Sen. Jim Bunning. Ted Cruz defeated David Dewhurst in Texas for the open seat left by the retiring Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Sen. Lindsey Graham holds a wide lead over a crowded field of challengers in South Carolina's June Republican primary, according to the first independent poll in the contest

A new Winthrop poll finds Graham garnering 45 percent support among likely voters in the open GOP primary, followed by Lee Bright at 9 percent, Nancy Mace and Bill Conner at about 4 percent and Richard Cash at 3 percent.

Graham's sub-50 performance wouldn't be enough on Election Day to avoid a runoff with his top challenger, but he could easily clear that bar by garnering a fraction of the more than one in three voters who are currently undecided (35 percent).

Tea party supporters account for 57 percent of likely primary voters and are a weak spot for Graham, who wins only 34 percent of this group. Bright performs slightly better among tea party backers than voters overall (14

Here are the SC Republican primary numbers from Winthrop