Rush on AZ Bill: 'The Media and The Left-Wing Bullies Were Able To Totally Mischaracterize What This Was' (AUDIO)

Rush just nails it here. This is the reason AZ Gov. Jan Brewer signed SB1062...

RUSH: "There is just abject fear of minorities right now...There is fear of being labeled a bigot or a racist. Everything the  majority wants to do now is bigoted and discriminatory'

The right thing has no defense. The right thing has nobody shouting its defense.  They let it die. They allowed themselves to be walked all over, they allowed themselves to be mischaracterized.

We all know why. Fear of the media. It's clear as a bell what made this in AZ happen. The media and the left-wing bullies were able to totally mischaracterize what this was and the people who knew they were being mischaracterized didn't dare stand up and say no, your wrong. Just didn't want to take that risk"

Rush- What the left did on SB 1062
A. Mischaracterize it.
B. Call it gay-bashing
C. Attach it to Republicans and call them racists, sexist, bigoted homophobes
D. Scare them into paralysis
E. We get what we want...And what we want is this constitution shredded and bastardized every chance we can

'When you don't agree with the them, they become like jack-booted thugs and start bullying everybody in their way'