KY: Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes Doesn't Want Obama's Help on the Campaign Trail

Grimes: 'I speak for myself...I stand in stark contrast to the President in many of his ideas and platforms'

Probably a smart move on her part. Obama lost KY by 16 points to McCain in 2008 and 22 points to Romney in 2012. She's not going to pick up any votes with O by her side in Kentucky.

Alison Lundergan Grimes won't be showing Southern hospitality to President Obama.

The Kentucky Democrat says she doesn't need the President to help out in her bid for the U.S. Senate, as she tries to distance herself from his unpopular health care reform.

“I speak for myself. I don't need any other surrogate to do that,” she announced Monday in a MSNBC interview with Kasie Hunt, when asked if the President would be joining her on the campaign trail.

Grimes is one of several Senate candidates who aren't enthusiastic about sharing the stage with the President on the trail, prompting chatter that Obama is a campaign liability.

"I stand in stark contrast to the President in many of his ideas and platforms," she added. That said, the 35-year-old will welcome former President Bill Clinton on Tuesday for a campaign event in Louisville.

"I was elated when he called and said he wanted to make this race his top priority," she said earlier in February about Clinton, a family friend. Grimes also wasn’t so closed minded when it came to her party’s warchest. She gladly accepted donations from across the country, including from Hollywood donors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen and Cameron Diaz