Joe Biden on 2016: I'm Uniquely Qualified To Be President


'I think my knowledge of foreign policy, my engagement of world leaders, my experience uniquely positions me to follow through on the agenda Barack and I have of bringing world peace that is real and substantive'

Bringing peace to the world? You've got to be kidding? Ukraine is on fire. Syrian civil war has killed well over 100K. Egypt unstable. Venezuela falling apart. Taliban on the move in Afghanistan. Iran moving towards nukes. Iraq going to hell because of Al Qaeda and this clown is going to 'follow through' on what they started - bringing peace to the world? What a joke

Vice President Joe Biden made it clear Tuesday that he's open to running against Hillary Clinton in a 2016 Democratic presidential primary. Speaking on ABC's "The View," Biden pushed back when co-host Barbara Walters claimed he had said he would not enter the next race for the White House if Clinton did.

"No, I haven't" said that, Biden told Walters. He added later that "whether [Clinton] runs or not will not affect my decision."

The 2016 questions came as Biden sought to promote ObamaCare's marketplaces with the show's heavily female audience.

The White House is urging mothers to tell their kids to sign up for health plans before March 31, when open enrollment ends for 2014. "Call your sons and daughters," Biden told the audience. "Tell them to sign up. It's for them, and for your peace of mind."

The vice president also touted his record on foreign policy and his interest in continuing President Obama's agenda in the future. He told Walters that he would announce his final decision on 2016 on the show if she remained a host. (via The Hill)