Boehner: 2 Out of 3 Small Businesses Will See An Increase in Health Care Costs Because of Obamacare - Another Sucker Punch To Our Economy, Another Broken Promise To Hardworking Americans

Boehner on the House floor: White House promised the law would bring down premiums by as much as $2,000, that didn't happen.

BOEHNER: "Late on Friday, the Obama administration released a report that we demanded detailing the impact the health care law and what it will do to employer-sponsored health plans.

 You may not have seen the report – it was released rather quietly on Friday – so I’m going to enter it into the record today. I urge every member to read it, and share it with your constituents.

“As you do, keep in mind that the White House promised that this law would bring down health insurance premiums by as much as $2,000 for families. Instead, according to the administration’s own bookkeepers, premiums will go up for two out of three small businesses in our country.

This amounts to 11 million employers who are going see more money coming out of their paycheck for their health insurance every month. And remember, these premiums will be felt not just by workers, but also by the small businesses themselves, making it even harder to create jobs.

“Another sucker punch to our economy. Another broken promise to hardworking Americans. And the only reason we even know about it is that the House demanded this transparency from the administration.