Madeleine Albright Blasts Rodman Trip to North Korea: He Needs to Understand The "Cruelty of the North Korean Regime"

What. A. Joke.


US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright pictured with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in Pyongyang in 2000. (Photo: AFP) 

Former Sec. of State Madeline Albright in Phoenix says she's not a fan of Rodman's 'basketball diplomacy' and says one must understand the 'cruelty of the North Korean regime.'  Did she think the same thing when she went to North Korea in October of 2000 and gave Kim Jong-Ill a basketball signed by Michael Jordan?

Albright: Rodman needs to 'stop talking'

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The Madeline Albright Collection is now on display at the Phoenix Art Museum. These are not your Grandma's brooches. The first female Secretary of State would often send messages with her pins, wearing a snake to meet Saddam Hussein, and a large American flag to meet Kim Jong Il.

When she met former President of Syria Hafez al-Assad, she wore a tiger. She said she would make a different choice for Syria today. "I think if I were to wear a pin now for Syria I would wear a broken heart, because what is going on there is such a tragedy in every way."

She isn't sure if here friend Hillary Clinton will run for president. "I think she's fantastic and she can do whatever she wants."

The first female secretary of state, who served under the Clinton administration, isn't a big fan of Dennis Rodman's "basketball diplomacy." She said it's important to understand the "cruelty of the North Korean regime."

"Either Dennis Rodman needs to find out what he's talking about or stop talking."

Rodman has apologized for an incoherent rant on CNN... where he suggested that Kenneth Bae, an American detained in North Korea, had committed a crime, saying "At this point I should know better than to make political statements. I'm truly sorry."