"I’ve Had Three Heart Attacks in the Last Six Years": AFP TV Ad Hits Vulnerable Dem on People Losing Their Health Insurance Because of Obamacare

Americans for Prosperity, one of the most powerful tea party groups in the country, is launching TV ads Thursday against two first-term House Democrats that blame the health care law for taking away health insurance people already had.

The group is spending more than $600,000 on the ads against Rick Nolan of Minnesota’s 8th District and Ann McLane Kuster of New Hampshire’s 2nd District. And it’s promising to spend a lot more on TV, radio and digital media in the coming months to highlight the disruption it says the law is causing in people’s live

The Minnesota ad focuses on the individual health insurance plans that were canceled because they didn’t meet the health care law’s new coverage standards. It features a Minnesota resident, Randy Westby, who says his health policy was canceled and criticizes Nolan for voting against an Obamacare repeal bill in May 2013.

“I’ve had three heart attacks in the last six years. Health care is something that’s essential, and my life depends on it”