Driver Finds $300K in the Backseat of His Cab, Returns it (Video)

Photo- Gerardo Gamboa

Stacks of $100s in a brown paper bag left in the backseat of his cab.

It turns out that the man who left the money by accident is a professional poker player.

He is now considering giving the cab driver (pictured above) a large reward for his honesty

LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas cab driver made a significant discovery in his cab Monday when he found a bag containing $300,000 in cash. The driver of the Yellow Checker Star cab made the discovery during a pick-up at the Bellagio Hotel.

Gerardo Gamboa has been driving taxis in Las Vegas since 1989. "Yesterday was surprising for me and unexpected," Gamboa said.

Gamboa picked up a man from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and drove him to Palms Place. The customer paid his fare and gave Gamboa a $5 tip. His next stop was the Bellagio Hotel.

"When the doorman at the Bellagio opened up the door for the next passenger, he said there's a bag in here. It's full of chocolate."

Gamboa decided to look insided the brown paper bag and saw bundles of money -- it turned out to be $300,000. Gamboa immediately contacted his dispatcher.

Cab driver says he just wanted to do the right thing-
He explains opening the bag a little while after the passenger left his cab
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