Allen West- Race Hustler Industry Tries To Cash In On Duck Dynasty; 'My Message To Jesse Jackson: Stand Down and Step Aside, We are Sick of Your Bigoted Tactics'

"This modern day version of black bloodsucking vampires who are draining the life out of the black community for their own “privilege” and relevancy"

WEST: "You just knew it was coming, although we always want to believe it will just go away. What am I talking about? The race hustler industry.

The latest iteration of the movie, “Return of the Poverty Pimps” has Jesse Jackson inserting himself into the Phil Robertson “Duck Dynasty” episode.

According to a report from Fox Nation, “Reverend Jesse Jackson has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Duck Dynasty, comparing Phil Robertson to the driver who had ordered Rosa Parks to sit in the back of the bus.” Say what?

Jackson demanded to meet within 72 hours with A&E executives and Cracker Barrel’s CEO to discuss the future of Duck Dynasty memorabilia.
Who the heck is Jackson to demand a meeting with A&E Executives and CEO of Cracker Barrel? Is this meeting in keeping with his long-standing practice of corporate extortion and threat to boycott these businesses unless they kowtow to his financial extortion?

And for Jackson to invoke the memories of Rosa Parks is a blatant attempt at race-baiting and stoking the fires of racial tension. I wonder if Jackson has asked for a meeting with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel? Has Jackson called for a meeting with the National Educators Association to discuss failing inner city schools and teachers?"

...My message to Jesse Jackson: stand down and step aside, we are sick of your bigoted tactics"


He goes on...

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