Poll: Obama's Personal Favorability Sinks to All-time Low


The president's personal favorability has always been his calling card. Even when people tell pollsters they aren't enchanted with Obama's job performance on a set of issues, they've tended to like him personally. Bloomberg's new nationwide survey of US adults suggests that Obama's personal brand is in real trouble.

A few polling notes:
  (1) Obama is underwater on personal favorability at (47/49). Of the four categories offered -- very favorable, mostly favorable, mostly unfavorable, very unfavorable -- the highest percentage of respondents chose the last option.

  (2) By a lopsided margin, Americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction (25 percent right / 68 percent wrong).

(3) On job performance, especially on specific issues, the news gets worse for Obama:

- 45/49 percent approval (-4) overall approval/disapproval.
- 38/56 percent approval (-18) on the economy.
- 29/61 percent approval (-32) on deficits.
 - 39/47 percent approval (-7) on negotiating with Republicans.
- 38/53 percent approval (-15) on fostering economic security.
- 31/53 percent approval (-21) on handling Syria
- 43/51 percent approval (-8) on managing the US' reputation in the world.