More Than Half of British Pilots Admit to Falling Asleep in Cockpit

More than half of British pilots admit to falling asleep in the cockpit, and nearly a third of those say they have woken up to find the co-pilot asleep, too. What?

LONDON — More than half of British airline pilots say they have fallen asleep in the cockpit, a survey said, ahead of an EU vote on flying hours which a pilots' association said could compromise flight safety.

According to the British Airline Pilots' Association, 56 percent of 500 commercial pilots admitted to being asleep while on the flight deck and, of those, nearly one in three said they had woken up to find their co-pilot also asleep.

Pilot exhaustion grabbed the headlines this week when a newspaper reported two pilots on a British long-haul flight fell asleep in the cockpit, leaving the packed jet travellng unsupervised on autopilot.

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