WATCH- Returning Soldier Dressed as Hot Dog Surprises Family at Brooklyn Cyclones Game

Running in from left field

When Sgt. Shawn Jamieson, 26, knew he was returning home from being stationed in Italy for the past four years, he got his buns in gear, literally, to set up a very creative way to surprise his family for his homecoming.

“My sister-in-law invited me down saying she bought tickets for the Cyclones game, and had a bunch of things planned for the kids,” Courtney Jamieson, 23, of Newburgh, N.Y., told “My husband was like, ‘Oh, go down and see her. It’ll be nice.’”

As the family was standing on MCU Park’s baseball field on Aug. 27, three people dressed in hot dog costumes came barreling toward them. Then the winner of the race gave Jamieson a big, unexpected hug.

“They did a little hot dog race and he was the winner, obviously on purpose,” Jamieson explained of her husband’s surprise. “And he came over and hugged me, and I didn’t’ know it was him, and then he just took off his costume and I was pretty shocked.”

Runs up to family....