Trump: Republicans Will Get 'Drubbed' By Hillary Clinton Without the Perfect Nominee in 2016

Donald Trump speaks during the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa, on Saturday night (AP photo/Justin Hayworth)

Trump says it will be tougher to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 than it was Obama in 2012...Really?

Donald Trump, who briefly flirted with a presidential run in 2012, warned Republicans Saturday that they will get “drubbed” by Hillary Clinton in 2016 if they don’t pick a “perfect” nominee.

Trump said Republicans fumbled the 2012 campaign against President Obama and predicted Clinton will be considerably tougher to beat in three years.

Hillary’s probably going to be the nominee,” he said at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. “And it’s going to be, in my opinion, a tougher race than the last race."

He said Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, should have beaten Obama.

“If they don’t pick the right person, and I mean the right person, perfect, it’s got to be the perfect person, they are going to get drubbed in the 2016 election,” he said.

Trump said the country can still be “saved,” but that it’s crucial Republicans capture the White House and gain ground in the Senate.

“We have a country that has to be brought back and it has to be brought back through great, great leadership. And if we don’t pick the right person, we’re not going to have great leadership,” he said.

And what makes Hillary much more difficult to beat is when phony conservatives like you won't rule out supporting her in 2016

Headline The Hill 3/29/12