Pelosi: I Don't Want to Be Speaker Again

Good. We don't want you to be Speaker either

D.C. is a wait-and-then-hurry-up kind of town. After more than a month away, Congress returns to a full plate. Legislators need to find a way—and quickly—to pass some kind of short-term budget and deal with the debt ceiling.

That's on top of a heated debate on immigration (and don't even start on the farm bill). House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi spent the summer jet-setting around the country, raising money for Democratic candidates and incumbents, and participating in conference calls with members about what they've heard from their constituents. She readily admits that not everything is going the way she would have drawn it up herself, but she remains optimistic that Congress will be able to do more than the public gives it credit for.

Edited excerpts of her interview with National Journal follow.

National Journal: "Be honest: Are you kind of dreading heading back to Congress, just to go through the same debt-ceiling fights and budget battles?"

PELOSI: "I never dread going back to Congress. There's no greater privilege than representing the people of my district, on the floor of the Congress. So, no, not dread. I do wish it could be different. There's no reason we can't be coming to some agreements. It just keeps happening over and over again" 
National Journal: Do you wish for the chance for the speaker position again?

PELOSI: No, that's not my thing. I did that.