Metal-filled Wal-Mart Doughnut Puts 6-year-old boy in Hospital [Video]

Wal-Mart says a Food Safety Team is investigating the incident

FORT RILEY, Kan. (WIBW)-A sweet breakfast treat left a 6-year-old in a hospital. On Sunday morning, 6-year old Logan Ratai's father brought him some donuts for breakfast. "They are a treat for our sons, that's why my husband got them," said Logan's mother, Kelly Ratai. But, the sweet treat ended up not being so sweet for Logan."And it turned it not a very fun day for Logan," said Kelly.

Logan is in a hospital bed at the Irwin Army Hospital in Fort Riley after he took a bite of a glazed cake doughnut from the Wal-Mart bakery in Junction City. Logan said the doughnut tasted crunchy and then he chipped a tooth. "There were pieces of black metal, some of them looked like rings, like washers off of a little screw, some of them were black metal fragments, like real sharp pieces," says Kelly.

Kelly says that Logan complained he had abdominal pains after swallowing the objects from the doughnut. "It kinda hurt my tummy," says Logan. "It breaks my heart to see, " says Kelly.

And even though Logan says he is still in a little bit of pain, he has kept his sense of humor. "I hope I can try the new kinds of donuts," says Logan. Logan's mother says the pediatrician says Logan will start antibiotics and be put on a clear liquid diet. She also says that the Junction City Wal-Mart has pulled all of those bakery donuts off the shelves.

Watch the video from 13 News. They interview the mother who is at the hospital with her 6-year-old