McConnell Campaign Launches 'Women For Team Mitch' (Video)


Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is rolling out his latest pitch at gaining women's support in the Commonwealth.

On Friday, Aug. 30, the "Women for Team Mitch" was launched. The senator became very emotional when women shared stories on how McConnell came to their aid in a time of need.

Women representing the Commonwealth's 120 counties stood alongside Senator Mitch McConnell to launch an initiative called Women for Team Mitch.

Video shows McConnell getting emotional listening to stories from the women supporters. He is there with his wife, former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao. Republican primary challenger Matt Bevin is asked about the 'Women for Team Mitch' launch in this video report.

A SuperPAC called The Madison Project, who is backing Matt Bevin has come out with an attack ad calling on voters to 'dump' Senator McConnell

A KY Republican primary poll released a week ago had McConnell leading Matt Bevin by 47 points, McConnell 68%, Bevin 21%