Video: Florida Woman Wards Off Masked Intruder With A Toy Gun

'I sat up and see a masked man...I started saying, I got a gun, I got a gun'

Jane Rainboth was lying in bed in her Deerfield Beach, Florida, apartment Monday night when her little dog started barking.

She wasn’t quite asleep yet and she knew that with the way he was barking, something wasn’t right. It was about that time that she noticed the masked man standing in her bedroom.

Startled, she quickly grabbed the gun she kept on her nightstand drawer, just in case she encountered a situation like this, and starting yelling at the intruder, “I’ve got a gun! I’ve got a gun!”

The man immediately turned and ran the other way, out of the apartment and down the street, with Rainboth chasing him part of the way.

The man is now behind bars.
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