Video: After Supreme Court Ruling Obama Calls To Congratulate Plaintiffs During Live TV Interview

How nice. O takes time out of his busy schedule to call after Supreme Court ruling (while on AF1)

The plaintiffs who challenged California's same-sex marriage ban before the Supreme Court were discussing the ruling during an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC when the interview was interrupted by a phone call.

The caller? President Barack Obama. The plaintiffs comprise two couples: Kris Perry and Sandy Stier and Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami. Initially, only Perry and Stier were participating in the interview when Human Rights Campaign President Chris Griffin appeared on camera holding a phone.

"The President's on the line from Air Force One," Griffin announced, putting the call on speaker phone. Zarrillo and Katami then joined the others on the set.

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Obama picks up the phone on Air Force One to congratulate the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court gay marriage ruling

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Here's the video of Obama calling during an interview today