Senate Passes Immigration Bill 68-32, Gallery Starts Chanting 'Yes We Can' Following Vote [Video]

14 Republicans join with 54 Senate Democrats to pass immigration reform bill


In a bipartisan vote, the Senate on Thursday passed a sweeping, historic overhaul of the nation’s immigration system – the first attempt to tackle such reform in six years. But the bill appears to face a procedural brick wall in the GOP-led House, with Republican leaders vowing instead to move forward on their own measures.

Fourteen Republicans joined with all Democrats to back the legislation, which would revamp the nation’s legal immigration system, send unprecedented resources to the nation’s southern border, and offer millions of undocumented immigrants a path to legal status and eventual citizenship.
The final vote was 68-32.

To mark the history of the occasion, Vice President Joe Biden presided over the vote and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid directed senators to vote from their seats in the chamber.

Biden reads the vote, drones in the gallery chant 'yes we can'

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Here are the 14 Republicans who voted for this bill:

Sens. Marco Rubio,  John McCain,  Lindsey Graham,  Jeff Flake (all part of the Gang of Eight)
* Sens. Bob Corker, John Hoeven  Kelly Ayotte,  Dean Heller,  Jeff Chiesa (R-N.J.) — an appointee of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Mark Kirk,  Susan Collins, Sen. Lisa Murkowski
 Lamar Alexander, Orrin Hatch