MSNBC Host: Reason People Still Feeling Pain From Ecomony is Because Republican Congress Won't 'Share the Wealth' [Video]

Another gem from MSNBC's host Melissa Harris-Perry. This is her reason people are not feeling economic recovery. From MSNBC's Politics Nation

"There may be new jobs, but people are really struggling to put food on the table. So it's gotta simultaneously -we are coming back, but as your president, I'm not putting on rose colored glasses, I recognize that  in fact people are still feeling the pain and they're largely feeling the pain  because the president hasn't been able to push the Republican led congress to in fact share the wealth" -Perry

There have been quite a few headlines recently from Melissa Harris Perry It was MSNBC's Harris-Perry that said America's 'Kids Belong to Their Communities'

When the Trayvon Martin story was first in the news, Harris-Perry said, 'This is no country for young black men'

She also said, The U.S. Military is despised as an engine of war by many progressives