66% of Voters Disapprove of Arming Syrian Rebels

Alternate headline: Large majority don't believe you should arm opposition groups that are made up of Islamist militants

Fox News
A sizable majority of Americans disapproves of the Obama administration’s decision to send weapons to anti-government rebels in Syria.

Overall, 66 percent of voters disagree with arming the rebels, according to a Fox News national poll released Wednesday. Twenty-four percent approve.

The objection is widespread across demographic groups, as large numbers of men (63 percent), women (69 percent), those under age 45 (65 percent) and over age 45 (66 percent), as well as those who have served in the military (67 percent) and those who haven’t (66 percent) disapprove.

In addition, majorities of Republicans (77 percent), independents (64 percent) and Democrats (58 percent) disapprove of providing arms directly to the anti-government groups.

Still, there is some partisan division: Democrats (32 percent) are about twice as likely as Republicans (15 percent) to agree with the administration’s decision to send weapons.

The poll asks voters how involved the United States should get in Syria. The most common answer -- not at all. A 44-percent plurality says the U.S. should get out of the conflict completely. Another 36 percent favor providing only humanitarian and other non-military assistance, while just 11 percent say send weapons directly to the rebels.

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