Russia to Sell MiG Jet Fighters to Syria, Jet Maker Says

 Russian MiG-29's to Syria

MOSCOW A Russian arms manufacturer says it is signing a contract to deliver at least 10 fighter jets to Syria.

Sergei Korotkov, general director of the MiG company that makes the jets, told Russian news agencies Friday that a Syrian delegation was in Moscow to discuss terms and deadlines of a new contract supplying MiG-29 M/M2 fighters to Syria.

Korotkov did not say how many MiGs Syria were buying, but says it would be "more than 10."

Russia has previously said that it would only fulfill outstanding arms contracts with Syria.

Over 70,000 have died in the two-year Syrian civil war.

Separately, Russia's Interfax news agency quotes a source as saying Moscow is unlikely to deliver a shipment of S-300 advanced anti-aircraft missiles to Syria before fall, according the Reuters news service.

The source said the delivery could be hastened if neighboring countries carried out air attacks on Syria or if a no-fly regime was imposed by Western countries.

"The S-300s can intercept manned aircraft and guided missiles and Western experts say their delivery could improve Assad's chances of retaining power," Reuters explains.