O'Reilly on Woman Held in Mexico: 'This is the Tipping Point, If Mexico Goes Ahead and Prosecutes This Woman, Americans Will Say Adios'

O'Reilly does a segment tonight on Yanira Maldonado, the Arizona woman who went to Mexico for a family funeral and was accused of smuggling drugs after the bus she was traveling on was stopped by Mexican authorities. She is facing a potential 10-year prison sentence.

Bill discusses the case with Megyn Kelly and says 'if the judge does not throw the case out it will be muy malo for Mexico.' O'Reilly says he will keep his powder dry and will wait until Friday  to see if the judge 'does the right thing' and throws this case out.

Watch this video from tonight's Factor. If you read O'Reilly here, it's real clear that if Mexico prosecutes this woman, who every indication is that she's innocent of these bogus, trumped up charges, O'Reilly is gonna come out swinging. Watch the very end of this video segment, you can see he's very serious.

KGUN9 Tucson interviews the woman inside the jail in Nogales, Mexico
She says in the interview that Mexican prosecutors are threatening her to admit she's guilty