Letter Sent to NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg Contained Ricin -Police

Initial field tests didn't indicate ricin but further testing Wednesday showed the letter tested positive

NBC NY Reported:
A letter sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a city building last week contained a substance that has tested positive for ricin, police said.

The letter was discovered at the city's mail sorting location at 100 Gold St. at about 2 p.m. Friday, a law enforcement source told NBC 4 New York. It appeared to contain a kind of pink, oily substance when a mail worker received it.

A second letter containing ricin, apparently from the same person, was sent to a building in Washington where Mayors Against Illegal Guns is headquartered, police said. Bloomberg is an active member of the coalition.

The letters' author threatened Bloomberg, referring to his stance on illegal guns, police said.

Civilian workers who came into contact with the letters have not shown symptoms of being poisoned by the ricin, police said. Some members of NYPD's emergency service unit who did come into contact with the opened letters initially showed some minor symptoms of ricin exposure, but they have since abated.