White House Tours Closed For 18 Days and Counting. Karl Rove Says This Is "Shameful, Mean-Spirited and Petty" [Video]

"Administration going out of its way to make things hurt".....Eliminating White House tours is 'shameful' Karl Rove says. "They have the authority to move money around in the accounts of the Department of Homeland Security. This is Janet Napolitano, it is not the Director of the Secret Service. It is the Secretary of Homeland Security who can take care of this."

And if it was a problem, I'm very confident that whatever kind of flexibility they needed to pull this from accounts within Homeland Security would be immediately granted by the congress if the president asked for it. This is mean, it is mean-spirited and it's petty"

Rove, who worked in the Bush WH shows how many different ways the Obama Administration could easily (we all know this) reinstate White House tours (if they wanted to)