Video: Louisville's Kevin Ware Breaks Leg Trying to Block Shot During Game Against Duke, Teammates Fall to the Floor at the Sight of His Leg

Louisville Guard suffers gruesome injury

Louisville confirmed Ware – whose leg collapsed near the Louisville bench after leaping to block Duke guard Tyler Thornton's 3-point attempt late in the first half -- broke his leg in two parts and compared the injury to what Bush went through.

Without hearing those words from Ware, the sideline disarray could have carried Louisville into a tailspin.

“He had totally forgotten about his leg,” Siva said. “I think that's what helped us through it.” Less than an hour after the game, head athletic trainer Fred Hina said the sophomore guard was in surgery and the staff would get an official update in about 2-3 hours.

Every facility has an emergency action plan, Hina said, and that the NCAA was prepared for everything.

The group caring for Ware -- Louisville's training/physician staff, the paramedic crew from the ambulance and the on-site athletic trainers the NCAA provides -- stabilized the fracture. The staff was dealing with sharp bones, an open fracture and the need to keep circulation in the lower extremities intact, Hina said.

The group placed the leg in a splint and boarded Ware up eliminate unnecessary motion in the leg. The trainers stayed with the team while a team doctor rode to nearby Methodist Hospital with Ware and the paramedics.

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